Glaum Family Homeland (Glaumsche Heimat)

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Sommerabend (Summer Evening)

Von Gerhard Ludwig aus Heuchelheim

Abend senkt sich in die Gassen,

leise huscht der Eulen Flug,

von dem Felde zieht ermattet,

heimwärts das Gespann den Pflug.


Müde sind des Landmann’s Schritte,

Arbeit hat der Tag gebracht,

Doch nun hüllt in ihren Frieden,

Alles sanft die dunkle Nacht.


Weit von Ferne mahnt ein Glöcklein

zu des Feierabends Ruh.

Kinder, die am Tag gejubelt,

Schließen jetzt die Äuglein zu.


Länger wird der Schatten Dunkel,

krächzend noch ein Käuzchen lacht,

Nur ein kleines Licht jetzt funkelt,

Überm Dörfchen ist jetzt Nacht.

Evening lowers itself into the lanes,

Quietly the owl glides in flight,

From the field the team

Wearily pulls the plow. 


The farmer's steps are tired,

The day brought this work,

But now dark night wraps

Everything gently in its peace.


Far in the distance a small bell signals

The rest at workday’s end.

Children, who jubilantly celebrated the day,

Now close their young eyes.


The shadows of darkness lengthen,

Harshly a screech-owl laughs,

Only a small light now sparkles,

Night settles over the town. 



The Glaum family originated in a small rural section of Germany in the state of Hessen.  The area of Hessen that we hail from is commonly referred to as Oberhessen and is pictured below.  The towns where I have been able to pinpoint the origins of the Glaum families covered by this website are highlighted with a box around their names.  Many of the towns have now been absorbed into larger administrative districts.  Ebersgöns and many of the surrounding towns have been absorbed into the Butzbach administrative district.  You can see the proximity of Wetzlar to the Glaum Homeland.  Wetzlar was the registration "Bezirk" or center for the Oberhessen area at one time.  Earlier in the 1800's the Bezirk was Koblenz which explains why so many Glaum families gave these two cities as their place of birth on various US Census records.

This page leads to other pages that try to illustrate and reflect the beauty of the area and endeavors of some of its citizens.